Superpower Sunday | the power to be happy when hurt | bits of my real life by Stacey Burt

From now on I’m labeling last Sunday as:

Superpower Sunday

Why? Because, it’s the day I realized I have the power to turn the bad, hurtful actions of others into my blessings & into good

The way Sunday morning played out for me was a humongous ticking time bomb went off, it was awful. My heart was a complete mess

My day began something like this,

–woke up around 8:00am and thought about how we had to meet my mom so she could fulfill her promise to take the girls to see the Minion movie

–thought about Church & what we would hear, because ever since we’ve gone to our new church, we both agree that every Sunday feels scripted just for us

— then (regretfully) I proceeded to do the thing my brain feels compelled to do every day…. Get on facebook

It’s about this time everyday that my heart beat rises. What thing will I see in my newsfeed that will make me feel one of 40 different types of emotions? Of course not all or even half are bad. I mean, who could be upset when viewing the video of that baby who puts her eyeglasses on for the first time, or the video of dogs & cats doing funny pet life things together? The answer is, no one. But this isn’t what fills my newsfeed most days & I think we can all agree that at some point our emotions about what we see/read can range drastically & I often wish it just didn’t even exist. On Sunday.. I had my heart tested big time.

You see, there’s this issue in my life I’ve dealt with for over 3 years now and it’s no coincidence that this is as long as I’ve been in business but it’s not my business that’s the issue. It’s not a consuming issue and it’s rarely ever relevant in my life because there are so much better things to give my time to, but it’s definitely a fly buzzing around the room. It comes back to annoy me from time to time, lands right on my face before I even know it & I’m just sitting there swatting it away like a fool. I can’t ever seem to catch it.

Well on this day I again came face to face with that problem I’ve had. I’m not going to focus so much on the problem because that’s not the point of this post. I’m sorry if you are wondering but this post isn’t being written to be spiteful towards the person who has repetitively done ill towards me & caused me the hurt. This post is about what happened to us on Sunday.

I was standing in my room before leaving for church crying after trying relentlessly to swap ‘that big fly’ off my face. I said to Aaron; ‘ughhhh, I just know our pastor is gonna preach right to this problem this morning’ & Aaron said back to me ‘ he probably will & you just better listen’.  How awesome is that?? I already KNEW church was gonna be geared towards me & what my heart needed. I’m telling you God has his way with the people at Life Church, we have NEVER felt so relevant. We have never felt so called, so vulnerable, when we are in Church our hearts are molding like jello you just put in the fridge. I hope & pray your church makes you all feel this way, if not come join us some weekend. So some even crazier things happened, we showed up to Church & then we had an emergency  so we had to leave & go to Walmart. While at Walmart a couple really amazing things happened with Aaron & I got to watch the heart God has been molding in him work to it’s fullest. Then we get back to Church, we got there a few minutes into our pastor’s message. Here’s what he spoke.

>>Life Church – Decisions Part 2 <<

I really hope you can just listen to the message because I can’t explain it, especially the last 10-15 minutes where he is talking about his own personal experiences with THE EXACT same thing I’m dealing with & he said ‘someone needed to hear that today’. I cried again & felt like raising my hand to the sky.

 Every Sunday our pastor asks who wants to either give their life to Christ or recommit themselves to Christ. Even though I had already been baptized 5 years ago I felt an urge this day, like I need to recommit & be more, have more, make my relationship with God a unsinkable sailing ship & I also wanted to commit more as a couple with Aaron. So I nudged him and asked if he wanted to raise hands with me, he whispered back that he already just had & I cried again..

What a testament. We started the day both of us feeling hurt, because when I hurt, he hurts and vice versa. This situation also has been hard on him because this situation is one that is close to home & it seems like every time we think it’ll be ok or just be over with something else is done. So the things we were wondering, upset about, trying to think of ways to resolve ourselves & we even  were talking over breakfast beforehand about what God would want us to do to fix it. As we sat in church all of this melted away.. It’s gone now, even though I’m sure it will resurface time to time. Yes, this blog was a bit hard to write because there is always a little part of me that just wants to confront things, get them over with, make things known, feel valid, feel vindicated but that isn’t God’s purpose in all of this.

As rightful as I may be to vent, be frustrated, mad or upset that is not God’s plan. I know his promise is that the truth will be revealed & lies cannot stand & when I interfere with that I interfere with the possible molding, changing of their hearts & mine. We all need changing (hand raised high here too), we all have areas that we can turn our focus towards, we all fall short. It’s all about realizing what our faults are & to stop making excuses about our childhoods or our current situations & FOCUS but most importantly. Listen! Listen to others, don’t mock or scoff people at their feelings. God loves us regardless BUT we do need to hand them over, we do need to realize we aren’t meant to take on all these hardships ourselves. Keeping hardships bottled away from God makes us a lot like the people we are upset with because we refuse to allow him to intervene and do what only he can do.

We are strong but not that strong <3

Our lives are changed forever because of Sunday, we opened our hearts to receive the word God gave us to help with this issue. Our journey in faith had already began but now, it’s going even further because of this day. If that isn’t a superpower I don’t know what is.

We would love for you to join us on our renewed journey

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