When your 10 year old is a pretty great photographer + my heart during this pregnancy | Stacey Burt

Last week I got a cute new dress for $2.50

 Aaron & my girls thought I looked pretty cute with the pregnant belly n’ all

& being only a couple days away from

being 20 weeks pregnant we all thought a few photos would be nice.

So Kamie , my 10 year old happily offered to be my photographer.

At first I thought, let’s just take a few cell photos to not be flashy

but I then thought. What the heck let’s actually really capture this & why wouldn’t I?

I must admit,

as overly happy as I am about this pregnancy. As much as I’m relishing in every day &

 constantly check out my belly in the mirror

then ask Aaron yet again, if he can notice the difference from yesterday. lol

 Sadly, we’ve had a very small amount of negative people make us feel like

we were somehow irrelevant for having this baby at this point in our lives.

Even though I shouldn’t, I occasionally find it weighing on my mind &

questioning whether I should be

allowed to be so joyful.

But then I think about how ridiculous that would is.

Anywho. I know so many people are overly excited for us; to my family

that’s had dreams of this pregnancy, to my girlfriends that literally squealed

with joy when I told them the news.  To my mom & brother/nieces that

live many hours away and can’t see us monthly even. To my sweet baby, may

you one day see these images to cherish the time you & I were one.

This child has always

been in my heart, it may have taken us a while to feel the time was right &

taken a while for God to agree, but that is the point.

Countless women bring life in to the world daily.

There is a season for everything , it was all a plan I couldn’t have designed no matter how

hard I tried. It’s God’s plan.

This child is such a joy, such a blessing

to our lives & we have decided we are going to be as overly happy as we wish about

HER.. yes,, HER! <3

I know I just snuck that in there & we are so happy to have our 3rd sweet little

girl , growing in my belly . Things I know about her already.

She is modest (didn’t want to show us she was a girl many times)

She is calm  (no morning sickness, just nausea & sleepiness)

She is shy (she moves around & the moment I try to feel it with my hand, she stops)

Just look at these images though. My 10 year old took them, can

you even believe that? I loved almost every single one, even the out takes I

didn’t add here. Even the blurry ones. How special is it that she took

her pregnant mothers images for her little baby sis. She absolutely was meant to

be an older sister <3


Credit for photos: My 10 year old photographer – Kameryn Burt

Editing/blog written by: Me (Stacey Burt)

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