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‘Married at Starved Rock’


Ashley & Alex had such a beautiful  

June wedding day.

They were married at Starved Rock 

in Illinois which if you’ve never 

been is brimming with so 

much beauty/wonder.

From the moment I met Alex he 

was such a hoot, so funny and just

easy going and Ashley is the same. 

They had me laughing so hard 

most of the day

while we were taking photos. 

It was the sweetest thing watching 

them lovingly help each other 

finish getting

ready after they had their

 first look. 

That was something I hadn’t seen 

before in all my years as a wedding 

photographer and it made me 

super happy and even more 

thrilled to be a part of their day.

 And the way they  look at each 

other with such 

amazement & deep love.. 😍😍😍


Fisher (their dog) was the ring-

bearer and he did a great job 

giving out

kisses during the ceremony.. haha

After the ceremony we ventured 

down into the park 

and looked for a canyon 

and were able to capture some 

amazing images. They had a lunch 

celebration also at Starved

Rock after we were finished and 

kindly invited Andrea & I to join, 

so I was able to get

to know their family a little better.

Congrats you two!

Enjoy your preview <3

Ashley & Alex Married at Starved Rock

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