Blatnik Wedding day | Reception at Jennifer’s Garden in Morris, Illinois

George & Laura


Last weekend someone said to me while I was photographing another wedding

that they were sure I got to see beautiful people all the time because of my career.

At the time I assured them just how correct they were but those words really

stuck with me & I’ve thought deeply about what he said ever since.

I’m a wedding photographer (obviously), this is my passion, my profession and

it’s something I am obsessed with doing. Even when days aren’t the best or stress of life

gets in the way, on the weekends I get to escape and be a huge part of the happiness

two people are bringing together.

It’s not the fancy clothes and it’s not just their outward appearance

  that makes them beautiful I realized , it’s the love they share.

It’s the atmosphere, beyond the pressures of

planning and wanting the day to go exactly as planned there is so much beauty in

the friendships, the love, pride from family and reminiscence it brings to the married couples.

It’s truly an amazing thing to bare witness to.

When I first talked to Laura on the phone she told me she’s not really the mushy type so

I hope Laura you’re not gagging as you’re reading this haha! But we totally captured

that beauty, that happiness and even that mushiness.

During your first dance Andrea and I swore

we even saw tears in those eyes of yours, don’t hate me for outing that observation but

it just goes along with my point . Your atmosphere was over-filled with what I’ve been

rambling on about . 🙂

We have the proof of this mushy love that you share with George & I’m thrilled to now know

you all and can’t wait to see what the future holds for your family!

Here’s a small preview of their wedding in Ottawa then

reception at Jennifer’s Garden in Morris

and all it’s beauty 🙂

Reception at Jennifer’s Garden in Morris, Illinois

Gorgeous Wedding cake at Jennifer’s Garden in Morris , Illinois | Photography by Stacey Burt


beautiful 4 tier wedding cake, black and white theme

                                             Fountain Wedding Photo and Jennifer’s Garden

First Dance | Reception at Jennifer’s Garden

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