Brad & Ashley Mini Engagement Session | Hoopeston, Illinois Photographer

Brad & Ashley were such troopers for this 4th of July themed mini session. When I say mini, I honestly really mean it. I went at about 2pm that day and left my van at the soccer field in Hoopeston just to assure we had  the perfect spot for a background of fireworks. When we arrived back that evening the 3 of us went off for about 10 minutes and captured a few images while it was still daylight out. I honestly sized these 2 up just right because normally 10 minutes may not be enough to  even get the love juices flowing but they just fell right in, notice the super happy smiley faces and eyes they have for each other, just really.. No effort needed! That’s how I know their wedding day is going to be nothing short of amazing moments & I’m the lucky duck to photograph it.

After the sun went down we waited for fireworks to begin, I again have to thank them again for ALL of their patience. I know it wasn’t easy to get all mushy in front of so many strangers either & to those who were upset by the flash even with my warning to you all beforehand, I’m still sorry again if you are reading & were offended but we did get a couple really great captures so it was ALL worth it in my opinion.

IMG_3378 copy

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