Bradley & Kaela | November Wedding in Covington, Indiana


        Allen Wedding


Trying to think where to start with this blog for Brad and Kaela’s November Wedding because this could truly be long winded if I let it.

I feel like it has to start at our first meeting..

You all simply MUST know, that is if you don’t already.

They were referred to me by another photographer friend, we met on a September

evening at Mad Goat Coffee not even a full  2 months before their wedding.

I felt like Kaela looked familiar but when Bradley said she was from Kankakee

I figured I had to be wrong.

A few sentences later they begin to tell me how excited they were that a married couple that preaches at their church will be the officiants for their big day, so they ask me:

‘Have you heard of Life Church here in Danville?’

I was in shock because this is also MY church.. So I reply happily, ‘YES, I go there too’

Things of this magnitude don’t just happen, this is the complete work & presence of the Holy Spirit & yes, writing this has me in tears.

Their wedding was out on the Allen’s farm in Covington , Indiana


describes the scenery, they all put in so000 much work to get this ready.

If you know how much was transformed in just days/weeks you know just how much love & effort was put in to truly turning this space into the perfect wedding venue for these two.  Kaela’s dad MADE that cross & alter table.

So basically, if you need ideas on how to wedding DIY seriously ask Bradley & Kaela.

The weather was so uncanny but perfect for November, the trees still had their gorgeous fall color.

On this day I found out how welcoming both Brad & Kaela’s families are, how close they all are & how much they all enjoy making our Heavenly father the center & core of every-single-thing they do.

 Thank you for showing me God’s love all of you thank you for all the kind words & heartfelt encouragement I received during this day.

Ohh and those wedding ring tattoos though <3<3, am I right.. I’m right they are Hebrew for ‘hessed’ which means ‘loving kindness, loyalty, mercy and unending forgiveness’.

I know this blog doesn’t even scratch the detail surface surrounding this day truly I could go on but I’ll let the preview speak for me from here .

Thank you Brad & Kaela for trusting this silly lady to capture these moments for you

I’m sharing just a few of my favorites below in this blog.


Dress: Bliss Bridal in Bourbonais

Flowers: Wabash Valley Flower Shop

Chairs & Tables from: Party On Rentals in Westville

Wedding/Reception Venue : The Allen Farm

Officiants : John & Britt Neal

Wedding Ring Tattoo’s by: Iron Tide

Musician’s : Scott & Kat DeGroot

Bride & Groom portraits

Bride & Groom portraits| Dramatic Black & White | EEP©


November wedding| Emerald Enchantments Photography


Bridal Portraits by Emerald Enchantments Photography


DIY wedding & reception


Wedding Ring Tattoos




Emerald Enchantments Photography




November Wedding in Covington, Indiana


Family <3



Follow the link below these images to view the rest of Brad & Kaela’s November Wedding in

Covington Indiana , can’t wait for you all

to view the entire day


Until next time: Stacey Burt

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