John & Maddie|Union South Wedding Reception|Madison, Wi

John & Maddie

  These two are true Badger fans right down to their toes

(literally look at their awesome shoes, lol)

The day was all about celebrating their marriage & capturing some amazing images.

We went from the Capital  then stopped off at a bar for Maddie & John

have have a quick drink with their crew , followed by Monona Terrace then to

Union Southfor the reception, yes we had some laughs & fun in there too.

Maddie was so beyond gorgeous in her off the shoulder 2 piece wedding gown, I had to

tell her more than once because I just loved how it was a perfect match

for her beautiful fair skin tone and dark hair<3

Bucky badger made an appearance at the reception &  he tried with all

his might to steal Maddie away with his massages but of course

her heart belongs to John.

You can just feel the love/fun/joy these two have for each other in

practically every image.

It was great working with you guys and I wish you all the best,

 check out a little preview of

their day below <3

Enjoy & until next time,

Stacey Burt


Wisconsin Badger Wedding


Bucky Badger Chuck Taylor’s


Bride & Groom portraits in Madison, Wisconsin


Bride & Groom | Madison, Wisconsin Wedding


2 piece off-the-shoulder lace wedding gown


Bride & Groom portraits in Madison , Wisconsin


Drinks on the square in Madison, Wisconsin


Monona Terrace Madison, Wisconsin | Wedding by Stacey Burt


Bride & Groom |  Union South Wedding Reception | © Emerald Enchantments Photography


Bucky Badger tries to steal away the bride | Union South Madison, Wisconsin



Bucky Badger  | Union South Wedding Reception


Union South Wedding Reception

Union South Wedding Reception | First dance

Union South Wedding Reception | First dance



<3 <3

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