Where my passion comes from | Hoopeston, Illinois Wedding Photographer

Today I want to talk a little bit about Where my passion comes from in being a wedding & lifestyle photographer.

These jobs are not for the faint or just anyone. It takes drive, understanding eyes & and loving heart. It all begins with that passion, you must to be able to see real life emotions. I love it when an incoming bride looks through my work and says ‘ohh, you can just feel the emotion pouring out of this image’ .. I think to myself  ‘dear bride, I love you’ because that’s my main goal & it’s truly a wonderful feeling. I’m a very emotional lady & always will be.

Nature has always been another place I find myself feeling lots of emotion, it’s where I have a rich connection and feel in my best element. As a professional I can adjust to any sort of light and also I love to do so . With everything I do, my style is a bit eclectic. I love a mixture of posed, and real life moments captured outdoors also indoors especially in gorgeous churches with crosses, stained glass windows & gorgeous window light, or just any location that gets the creative juices flowing & it seems I get clients who love that too!

It’s truly amazing the images that can be captured within just a few minutes of telling a couple just to love on one another. The smiles, the eyes, the way their hands hold each other sweetly. My ultimate goal is to capture your wedding day or session in a way that no one else would or could & truly no one else can. Even if images are replicated later by someone else, it can never be the same or have the same love behind it. This is the same for me vice versa, I could never replicate nor would I want to. Pinterest is my enemy most the time but I promise my brides I’ll give them images that other brides will want on their pin boards. I never go into any event/shoot/wedding without a very strong game plan, but the majority of my inspiration comes straight from my heart while I’m on the location.

Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamt of being a big part of something great, I was the girl who always had some sort of day dream. I made up games, songs, dances & made many promises to myself about the person I’d be today. This is my daydream living out loud, to be a part of other people’s lives, to share in their love and encourage them to bring that love to the surface so I can capture it and they can keep it as a reminder for all of time. It’s a huge deal to me.

As passionate as I was as a girl and remain now I can look at the same thing over and over and feel a ton of inspiration just like I do every time I gaze up this image of my Great Grandparents. This image reminds me that love is real, love can be eternal, love has no expiration & that capturing it’s realness is of the upmost importance & always will be. <3<3

bloggma&gpaPardon the quality, this image was taken long before I was even born 😉


It’s my pleasure and absolute joy to live my dream, hire us to capture your day & I promise to not only bring but apply all of these feelings with me while I work.


With love,




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